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Mouse Reviews - FNATIC Gear FLICK


Professional Mouse Reviews

"good trifecta of build, performance, and software, making the Flick G1 a solid choice"  - aph Networks

"The Fnatic FLICK G1 mouse is a solid, quality gaming mouse that will never let you down" - Benchmark

"...the Fnatic Gear Flick G1 is definitely one of the better [gaming mice]. This is not only down to the fact that its simply a damn good mouse, but it also comes equipped with a fair price tag too!" - pcGameware

"The combination of the price, quality and beauty, I’m very happy to award both the Boost mousepad and the Flick Gaming Mouse with Proclockers “Elite Hardware” award!" - Proclockers

 "We happily award the Rush, the Flick, and the Focus Pure Overclocks’s Editor’s Choice Award!" - Pureoverclock

 "You can't go wrong with this mouse" - Nicholas11x12TechX 


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